Simple Tunisian Pumpkins

These Tunisian crochet pumpkins are quick to make and the perfect introduction to Tunisian crochet as you can use a normal straight crochet hook, and you do not need to commit too much time or yarn!  You can use yarn scraps from your stash and what’s more all these pumpkins were made from the same pattern with just a couple of variations – changing the hook size and/or by changing which side of the crocheted fabric you use.

If you haven’t tried Tunisian crochet before my Beginners Guide to Tunisian Crochet can be found here.

Until this year I had never been tempted to make any crocheted pumpkins and just admired ones other people had made, but this year I really fancied making a lovely autumnal display for Halloween in our window and I know the kids will love getting them out year after year!

So, because I am enjoying Tunisian crochet it seemed perfectly natural make a few Tunisian crochet pumpkins – I’ve really enjoyed making them and the kids can’t stop squishing them!

The pattern below is written in UK terms and is based on DK yarn, but you can use any yarn you like as long you adjust the hook to 2 whole hook sizes bigger than what is recommended on the ball band. This helps to reduce the curl which can happen in Tunisian crochet.


  • DK yarn (approx 8g)
  • 6mm Tunisian crochet hook (or standard straight hook)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • A small amount of stuffing/yarn ends/fabric scraps.
  • Cinnamon sticks or twigs


  • DK – 8cm wide by 5cm tall
  • Aran – 10cm wide by 6cm tall (using a 7mm hook)
  • Chunky – 12cm wide by 8cm tall (using a 9mm hook)
  • Super Chunky – 16cm wide by 10cm tall (using a 12mm hook)


Gauge is not critical but work as follows if you would like to make the pumpkins to the measurements above:

  • DK – 7 rows of 9 Tunisian simple stitches for a 5cm x 5cm square
  • Aran – 6.5 rows of 8 Tunisian simple stitches for a 5cm x 5cm square
  • Chunky – 5 rows of 6 Tunisian simple stitches for a 5cm x 5cm square
  • Super Chunky – 9 rows of 10 Tunisian simple stitches for a 10cm x 10cm square


BO – Bind off – finish on a FP by inserting hook in 2nd vertical bar, and ss. Continue to the end.

Ch – Chain

FP – Forward Pass

RP – Return pass – 1 ch, (Yrh, pull through 2 loops) to end.

Ss – Slip stitch

Tss – Tunisian Simple Stitch – insert hook under the next vertical bar, yrh and pull up a loop.

Yrh – Yarn round hook

For a quick beginners guide on Tunisian Crochet click here!


Chain 15

Foundation Row – Insert hook in back bump of 2nd chain from hook, yrh, pull up a loop, repeat to end. (15 loops) RP.

Row 1 – Tss in the 2nd vertical bar. Tss to end. (15) RP.

Repeat Row 1 until you have 30 rows and the fabric is approximately 20cm long and 8cm wide

BO, leaving a long tail so that you can sew the pumpkin together.


Make up your pumpkin as follows:

1. Fold the crochet fabric in half lengthways so the short ends are together and the front sides are facing each other. Sew the ends together.

2. Turn the fabric inside out so the right sides are showing. Weave the yarn in and out along one of the long edges.

3. Gently pull the yarn tight until it closes, secure with a couple of stitches. Insert the needle through into the middle of the pumpkin and pull through.

4. Insert a generous amount of stuffing.

5. Repeat as before to close, leave a slight gap to fit your twig or cinnamon stick in.

6. To shape your pumpkin wrap the yarn round the edge of the pumpkin every 5 rows going up through the bottom of the pumpkin and out through the top. Tightly pull in the sides as you go. Tie securely and weave in ends.

6. Add a cinnamon stick or twig to the middle to finish!

And that’s it…one lovely squishy pumpkin to enjoy throughout Autumn! Why not try this again using different weight yarns and try the other side too for a different look?

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t already tried Tunisian crochet I hope it has given you a nudge to take the plunge and give it a go! If you make any of these pumpkins don’t forget to tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #simpletunisianpumpkin so I can see!

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